Brand Identity

Assembly is a mid-century modern furniture store that sells mint condition, used, and refurbished home decor products. Mid-century modern style championed functionality, sleek lines, and a mixture of organic and geometric forms. The goal for this identity was to create a brand that embodied the beauty of that era, but maintained a contemporary, sophisticated feel.

The wordmark is a crafted, bold mark that is able to speak to both the vintage and modern aesthetic that the brand captures.

Assembly’s goal is to redefine the modern eclectic; to help clients create elegant spaces that are livable and affordable. It champions functional elegance by offering pieces that are long-lasting and impervious to trends.

Creating Space a bi-annual workshop series that provides a place for discussion, education, and interaction for modernist enthusiasts. The Creating Space Workshop Series is run and curated by Assembly, and features lectures, workshops and get-togethers aimed to help participants build spaces they love and to help define the modern eclectic.