Correlate: Understand Data Through Art

Gallery Exhibition Collateral

Correlate is a gallery exhibition that explores the concept of data visualization and database aesthetics, featuring work that blurs the lines between science, art, design and culture. In today’s digital, data-centric lives we are compiling data sets that can boggle the human mind. Data visualization offers a way to describe abstract concepts that are not physical, and give a form to objects that have none.

The visual language for the collateral is inspired by digital aesthetics, such as monospaced type and the IBM punch card used for data processing applications in the early 20th century.

The Correlation Experiment is a real-time art installation that gives users a personal experience with their data while visiting the Correlate exhibition. Users are invited to download a free app which, when running, will track location data from their mobile devices onto secure and encrypted on-site servers. The data will then by processed by data visualization software to create one-of-a-kind art pieces derived from the users data while in the exhibition space.